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Super popular worldwide, AJ Vape is a brewery that hails from tropical Malaysia. It's famous for its cold, fruity vape juices that are well-loved all-day vapes. While it’s tempting for brewers to create offerings for all types of vapers, AJ Vape has stuck to their strength — fruity e-juice flavours.
Even with their Cloud range, which caters to cloud chasers and features vape juices that are 80% VG, they have maintained their fruity offerings.
Some vapers are wary of Malaysian vape juices because the juices are said to gunk the coils too quickly. Not so with the e-liquids from AJ Vape. These are beautiful all-day vapes that are delicious and will last in your tank for at least a whole day.
If you’re a cloud chaser and you love the original AJ Vape collection, definitely check out their Cloud series!
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