TPD or Tobacco Products Directive, was an initiative created by the EU to regulate the sale of tobacco products and came in to law in 2016. After which all retailers were required to comply.

Vaping falls under the directive due to the use of nicotine in vape products and eliquids, any products not submitted and approved by the MHRA would be illegal to sell.

Vape Slough is a fully TPD compliant vendor, all our products adhere to TPD regulations, including eliquids which are capped at 20mg in a 10ml container, and all larger eliquids are nicotine free.

All eliquids and products supplied by Vape Slough have been submitted to the MHRA for notification and have passed and declared TPD compliant. We have all certificates and documentation on file for any product we stock. If you need need more information in regards to TPD/TRPR you can email us at and we will reply back as soon as possible.


For more information on TPD (tobaco products directive) Please see the following resources.

1- E-cigarette regualtions for consumer products

2- Tobaco products directive (EU)

3- TPD Legislation 


The UK governemnt is now in consultation on the future of TPD in the United Kingdom. Although the UK has left the EU, TPD directive is part of UK law, and all previous recommendations still stand.