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Aisu Aloe Vera - The aloe vera has an authentic floral taste which is combined with undertones of sweetness on inhale, whilst the menthol notes on exhale create a cooling sensation that lingers after each exhale.

Aisu Blackcurrant - A forest fruit blend, with an icy twist. On inhale, the blackcurrant flavour is both sweet and slightly sour, mimicking the real thing, whilst a menthol flavour on exhale brings an additional sweetness for a smooth finish.

Aisu Blue Raspberry - A sweet taste throughout. The blue raspberry flavour creates a sugary inhale, with a juicy aftertaste, which when combined with menthol notes culminates to a taste similar to a blue slush drink.

Aisu Cactus - An unusual blend featuring a floral yet sweet taste. A light yet crisp cactus flavour is present from inhale, combined with a cooling ice on exhale for a distinct eliquid.

Aisu Dragon Fruit - A vibrant blend, featuring a sweet dragon fruit flavour on inhale which has a slightly sour aftertaste, followed by icy notes of menthol for a cooling sensation with every inhale and exhale alike.

Aisu Green Apple - A strong fruit aroma that's replicated in its taste. Crisp notes of slightly tart, apple flavour characterise the inhale, which plays well with the menthol exhale that creates a cooling sensation that lingers after every vape.

Aisu Pink Guava -  A delicate blend, infused with ice. On inhale, you'll detect a pink guava flavour, which is predominantly sweet, but borders on the tart side. The addition of menthol on exhale, creates a layered taste with a smooth texture.

Aisu Yoguruto Melon Milk - The Sweet scent of freshly sliced melon, mixed with cool milk to give you a tantalising experience.

Aisu Yoguruto Strawberry & Cream - Embrace the sweet frosty taste of freshly plucked strawberries, with a creamy yoghurt base.

Zap Blue Soda - A soda-style blend, capturing the fizz of a sweet and aromatic cream soda on inhale, followed by a tangy yet balancing blue raspberry flavour on exhale, for a smooth finish.

Zap Cherry Cola -  A classic combination of sweet and tart notes of cherry on inhale, followed by a sugary and slightly spiced vintage cola flavour on the exhale, for a bold and flavourful taste.

Zap Golden Pomelo - A fresh tasting vape; on inhale, tart notes of pomelo get things started, followed by a medley of tropical fruits on exhale, which serve to sweeten the blend and create a juicy finish.

Zap Lime Cola - A zesty twist on the classic cola vape. On inhale, sour notes of lime get things started, creating a tangy afterbite, whilst a spiced cola flavour characterises the exhale and balances the vape with a sugary finish.

Zap Lychee Lemonade - A sweet and sharp taste throughout. On inhale, you'll detect the citrus taste of a homemade lemonade, which is intensified on exhale with the exotic addition of ripe lychees. 

Zap Mango Cola -  A well balanced blend, featuring ripe and juicy notes of mango on the inhale, complemented by a sweet and slightly spiced vintage cola flavour, for a sugary aftertaste that lingers with every vape.

Zap Melonade - A sweet and sharp taste throughout. On inhale, you'll detect the citrus taste of a homemade lemonade, followed by the light taste of fresh honeydew melon on exhale, which sweetens the blend and creates a sugary finish.

Zap Peach Iced Tea -  A light and sweet aroma, similar to its taste when vaped. On inhale, a ripe tasting peach flavour is blended with floral notes of ice tea, creating a sweet yet cool finish.

Zap Purple Slushie - A fruity blend with an icy twist; ripe and juicy notes of dark grapes characterise the inhale, combined with a cool yet balancing menthol flavour on exhale, for a smooth finish.

Zap Snow Pear - A unique blend with a distinct fruity taste; the snow pear has a ripe texture, with sweet and slightly bitter flavour notes characterising the inhale and exhale to create a well balanced vape

Zap Summer Cider - Inspired by the fruity flavours associated with summertime; on inhale, a ripe tasting strawberry flavour gets things started, complemented by zesty notes of lime for a clean and crisp taste with every vape. 

Zap Vanilla Cola - A smooth and rich tasting blend, with creamy base notes thanks to the bold vanilla flavour on inhale, followed by a sugary-spiced vintage cola flavour which ties everything together.

Zap Vintage Cola - A beverage flavour with a twist; On inhale, a sugary cola flavour is combined with hints of caramel for an added smoothness, whilst tangy notes of lime and a mingling of spiced flavours characterise the exhale, for a full bodied taste with every vape.

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Zap & Aisu E-Liquid 50ml ShortFill