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About the SKE Crystal 4 in 1 Blueberry Peach Flavour Pods (2 Pack) Blueberry Peach is a sweet blueberry flavour paired with the succulent notes of ripe peaches, a delightful...
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About the SKE Crystal 4 in 1 Blueberry Peach Flavour Pods (2 Pack)

Blueberry Peach is a sweet blueberry flavour paired with the succulent notes of ripe peaches, a delightful fruity combination. 

Other flavours

There are currently 16 flavours available in the SKE Crystal 4in1 range of prefilled pod cartridges. Some alternative flavours in this range that you might like are White Peach Razz, Strawberry Burst or the punchy Fizzy Cherry.

Nicotine / Puffs

Each SKE Crystal 4in1 pod cartridge is prefilled with 2ml of e-liquid in a standard 20mg option nicotine strength. The high-quality SKE e-liquid within is made from a blend of freebase and nic-salt for smoothness heated by an advanced mesh coil. Each pod should last up to 600 puffs and up to 4 pods can be inserted into the clip in your 4in1 device offering multiple flavour offerings.

These pods are only compatible SKE Crystal 4in1 Pod Kits.

What's included?

• 4 x SKE Crystal 4 in 1 Blueberry Peach Pods 



Who is this suited to?

The SKE Crystal 4in1 Blueberry Sour Raspberry flavoured pod cartridges will appeal to disposable users wanting more flavour choice from their vape or tobacco users wanting a healthier and more convenient long-term nicotine delivery solution. SKE Crystal 4in1 pod flavour options are complex and carefully developed to give a punchy nicotine hit similar to that from a traditional cigarette but delivered in a fruity vapour form. These pods are perfect for beginner vapers who will enjoy how convenient and easy to use these pods are in their SKE 4in1 device.


Flavour-wise there are some similar prefilled vape pods to the SKE Crystal 4in1 pod range (although not compatible with the device). These include the original SKE Crystal Plus Pods which are compatible with the Crystal Plus pod kit, the Elf Bar Mate Pods which require a compatible Elf Bar Mate Pod Kit and also include a refillable pod option, or the very affordable YOOZ Mini Pods although they are only available in fruity flavours.

If you don’t fancy any of these brands, visit our prefilled vape pod brands page to see our full range.

About the SKE Crystal 4in1 Pods range

SKE Crystal 4in1 prefilled e liquid pods feature innovative mesh coils to deliver the same intense and smooth flavours found in the SKE disposable Crystal Bars. These Crystal 4in1 Pods are only compatible with their rechargable SKE Crystal 4in1 Pod Kit which has an internal barrel to house up to 4 x pods at the same time and give 2400 puffs before requiring replacements!

Each Crystal 4in1 pod is prefilled with 2ml of premium nic-salt e liquid in a 20mg strength, each pod should last the average vaper up to 600 puffs or 1-2 days of use. Pods are supplied in a handy pack of two.

The flavour name is printed clearly onto the pod so show the active flavour visible in the window on the 4in1 device

The range of Crystal 4in1 pod flavours available is good, currently we stock 16 x SKE flavours, most can be found in their disposable vape ranges but with some brand new additions exclusive to the 4in1 pod range. SKE flavours are renowned for being intense, tropical, fruity and sweet and these pods replicate this in their recipes.

The most popular flavours currently are some of the newer ones, Fruit Medley, the fragrant Blueberry Peach and the sweet, tropical Lychee Ice.

Please do use these pods according to instructions and ensure that they are always out of reach to children. These pods may also contain traces of nuts.

If you’re a fan of SKE Vape and are keen to try a rechargeable, longer lasting and multiple-flavour option of an Crystal 4in1 pod kit then we do recommend that you try the impressive Crystal 4in1 Pods as your next vaping choice.

Reasons to buy

  • Variety of popular flavour options 
  • Premium SKE e-liquid
  • Value for money