Logic Compact Pods 6mg | 12mg | 18mg Nicotine Strength MultiBuy Offer

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Each individual pack contains 2 Pods
Multi-Buy Option
1 X Pack - 2 Pods
3 x Packs - 6 Pods
6 x Packs - 12 Pods
10 x Packs - 20 Pods
Tobacco - The Logic Compact Tobacco Capsule is packed with the bold flavour of rich Brazilian tobacco. Perfect for transitioning from traditional cigarettes, this flavour is sure to satisfy with rich woody character and warm overtones.
Menthol - The Logic Compact Menthol Capsule deliver the classic minty flavour, a favourite among new and experienced vapers alike. Cool and refreshing, menthol leaves you satisfied any time of the day.
Strawberry - The Logic Compact Strawberry Capsule flavour is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, and is bursting with the flavour of ripe strawberries. It hits the tongue with the perfect balance between sweet and sour flavours, while the fragrance is packed with the quintessential aromas of spring.
Berry Mint - The Logic Compact Berry Mint Capsule combine the sweet taste of berries with the freshness of mint. This delivers a cool fruity vape, perfect as a quick break to clear your head and satisfy your sweet tooth.
Cherry - The Logic Compact Cherry Capsule deliver the classic fruity flavour that is perfect any time of the day. It's sweet, refreshing, and everything you could ask for from a fruity vape.
Berry Crumble - The Logic Compact Berry Crumble Capsule deliver a sweet and dessert inspired flavour where you really can taste the different layers of fruit and crumble.
Cantaloupe Melon - The Logic Compact Cantaloupe Melon Capsule deliver a wave of fresh tropical cantaloupe melon to delight your sense and leave you feeling refreshed after a satisfying vape.
Wild Blueberry -  The Logic Compact Wild Blueberry Capsule deliver a delicious fresh blueberry flavour that is unmistakable
Caramel Tobacco - The Logic Compact Caramel Tobacco Capsule deliver pods that are perfect for new vapers making the switch to vaping and have an RY4 styled tobacco that has a thick caramel coating.
New Flavour
Crisp Apple 
Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Logic Compact Pods 6mg | 12mg | 18mg Nicotine Strength MultiBuy Offer.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 27, 2022

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Mary Hitchen

Waiting to hear from the email sent to say the order was wrong , ordered 18mg strength and was sent 12 mg strength . Still waiting for a reply

Barbara Evans
excellent services

excellent services

Rachel C

Excellent customer service and fast delivery

Anthony Pearce

very fast quick delivery

Paul Amos

Very fast service and a fair price. Thanks